Neighbors react to stabbing, shooting in Midland County

Published: Mar. 12, 2018 at 11:22 PM CDT
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On Monday afternoon it was announced that two people were dead after a domestic disturbance the previous night. A woman had been stabbed to death, and her husband had been shot dead by officers.

Nearby neighbors say they heard shots fired late last night, it’s know now those shots came from a shootout between Juan Alvarez and the Midland County Sheriff's Department.

“It was scary had to protect the nephews of course, so I got them inside and then we went outside to make sure everything was ok,” said Geoffrey Zane, whose family lives nearby.

Meanwhile, Juan's wife, Dolores Alvarez was laying on a bed inside the couple's home with apparent stab wounds.

“Props to the son for trying to help,” said Zane after learning that Dolores’s son had been preforming CPR .

“It’s a tragedy, it’s sad,” said Zane.

Sadly, Dolores was later pronounced dead, and her husband had gone missing.

“I heard people yelling saying that maybe he ran into the RV Park, and that kind of sparks your interest, kind of makes you wake up a little bit,” said Daniel Stickel, a nearby neighbor.

As family members began to arrive to the couple’s home the sheriff’s department had to bring in the crisis intervention unit who were trying to calm the situation.

That's when Juan was spotted by the family once again, this time behind the couple’s home.

That's when officers asked him to put down his weapon, neighbors then heard Juan Alvarez fire at officers and officers shot back striking and killing the suspect in Dolores' death.

Both bodies have been taken for autopsies.

The Texas Rangers were called in to investigate the officer-involved shooting.