Man Builds Monument to Old Motorcycles

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Fort Stockton For many bikers, their motorcycle represents a part of who they are.
But when they break down and no longer work, one man in Fort Stockton created a final resting place.
Paul Landfreid told me his idea to build a motorcycle graveyard came about two years ago, when he was trying to get rid of a gopher problem.
But the result was one even he is surprised by.
Paul's love for bikes started young, and never let off of the throttle.
“I just love bikes,” Landfreid I started riding when I was 10.”
Although he doesn’t have a running bike right now, he wheels and deals to get broken down motorcycles to place in his cemetery.
He then digs holes with the help of his wife Chelsea, and secures the bikes in their final resting place.
She says the bikes, and her passion, the old southwest, have on thing in common.
“They both represent the freedom to be your own person,” she said.
For that reason, she loves the graveyard in front of her house as much as her husband does.
The pair say the greatest part of having a cemetery for bikes in their front yard are all of the biker stories they get to hear.
If you would like to visit the cemetery, it is located on the corner of 48th street and Stone road.
The couple say they open at sunup and close at sundown.