Man arrested after allegedly stealing more than $8 million in cattle

MARTIN COUNTY -- One man is behind bars after allegedly stealing about $8 million worth of cattle from ranchers across the country.

It's all thanks to the help of one West Texas Sheriff and multiple agencies from different states.

Justin Greer was wanted in several states including Wyoming, California and Texas.

While this may be one of the larger cases the Martin County Sheriff’s department has worked on, officials say they were just doing their job.

“The sheer size of the theft, [for] the multiple thefts, that add it up, and the bond size is pretty rare for us in this part of the country but we were just glad to be able to help,” said Martin County Sheriff, Brian Ingram.

Greer was charged on December 21st after the Tulare County Sheriff’s office spent months putting together a case for his alleged cattle rustling.

The California agency was able to track Greer to a ranch in Martin County.

“Knowing who our local citizens are, and keeping a good rapport with them, and just being able to pick up the phone and call them and being invited onto their property, and then having the trust and not violating any trust when we have to do what we did, and the rancher was glad to have this man off his place if he was accused of doing what this is,” said Sheriff Ingram.

Fortunately Greer was put behind bars before he stole any cattle in Martin County.

“The world has just changed so much to where the ranchers used to [be able to give a job to people who were] needing work and you give them a job for the season and this is proof that you really you have to have a little better hiring practices, and you have to be more guarded, and I think in every aspect of your life, just because the world has changed so much,” Said Sheriff Ingram.

Greer has since been extradited back to California where he faces charges of embezzlement, grand theft, and investment fraud.

Greer's bail was set at $1,930,000.