Madison Hartman's incredible journey back to the basketball court

Midland, Tx (KOSA) Madison Hartman is a senior guard who helped lead the Greenwood Rangerettes to the playoffs.

Just 5 months ago, the playoffs were more than just a distant thought.

Madison wasn't even sure if she'd step foot on the hardwood this season.

“I was playing on a summer travel team and I was going for a fast break,” Madison Hartman said. “And I just kinda jumped off it wrong. I fell on the floor, but my dad was telling me to get up. And I was like uh it's not something to get up from. I knew it was my knee. I was just praying it wasn't an ACL, but it was."

Recovering from an ACL tear means much more than simple physical rehab.

Along with it, Madison faced an even bigger challenge.

“It was the mental part just being okay you can trust it you can run,” Hartman said. “And learning how to do stuff over again that was probably the hardest part for me.

Madison has an interesting family dynamic.

Her mom Ginger is her head coach and her dad Clint is the head football coach at Lee High School.

“It's fun to be able to play for my mom and then go support my dad when he coaches football. It's been pretty fun.” Madison said. “Two different atmospheres.”

“We both sat down more as coaches just talking,” Ginger Hartman said. “You don't get to see the behind the scenes stuff at home. working hard and stuff... we got to see that so on the coaching side through the parents eyes... which I think makes both of us better coaches...

“Once you get past the initial shock of it,” Clint Hartman said. “Six to nine months for kids to come back, she said I'll do it in five, that was a good start. It was nice to see her be able to play for her mother at the end of her senior year.”

Part of Madison's treatment was doing exercises such as leg lifts and resistance training to help build strength and confidence so she could use her knee again and get back in the game.

When an athlete suffers an injury that takes them away from the game. The one thing they look forward to is getting back.
After only 5 months of rehab, the most rewarding part for her was getting back on the court.

“Stepping on the court the first time,” Madison said. “We didn't know I would play in all the district games. I made it back when my doctors said, ‘Probably the second half of district.’ I made it to the first game. That was probably the best feeling ever.”

Madison's remarkable return was a product of her persistence and mental fortitude, as she left her legacy in the Greenwood Rangerettes basketball program.