MISD: Student never had gun at MHS, police investigating tip

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 4:30 PM CST
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We learned more about Thursday's lock-down at Midland High on Friday Morning. Midland ISD held a news briefing and CBS 7 was there to have questions answered about both the suspect and tipster, but also new concerns about safety at the high school after Thursday's tense situation.

After going on lock-down for over an hour Thursday afternoon, the scene ended and parents were reunited with their children. Law enforcement had a suspect, who was a student, detained. Nobody was hurt. Since Thursday, the suspect has been released and charges haven't been filed, but he is not allowed back at the school until the investigation from both law enforcement and MISD is completed.

Chief Arthur Barclay of MISD PD said that "once the conclusion of the investigation is determined, then we'll make a decision at that time based on what the investigation shows. Right now any decision to keep him out of school is through the administration, even if we file charges".

The entire situation Thursday came from a tip about a student having a fire arm, but no weapon was found Thursday by law enforcement as this investigation continues.

Officers for MISD said they searched "outside, the exterior and the area surrounding the school. We made the decision to search certain areas by using school cameras, so that we could track where the student went".

Another concern brought up to MISD on Friday morning was in reference to 20-year old PA systems at Midland High. Some of these PA systems through-out the school did not work during Thursday's lock-down.

Chief operating officer James Riggens explained that "the system itself is over 20 years old, and it has issues from time to time. There were portions of the building that were not working, without PA".

Riggens went on to say that the same out-dated systems are installed in every secondary school across Midland, and that replacing all of them could cost approximately 33 million dollars. One alone costs 420 million dollars.

Jeff Horner, the MISD secondary education executive director, looks on the bright side of Thursday's events. "They did a great job executing this, the lock-down. We did have a hiccup in communication, but the administrative staff at Midland High did a good job with the challenge".

MISD press conference on MHS lockdown.

Posted by Midland ISD on Friday, January 24, 2020

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