MIDLAND POLICE: Record number of car burglaries in May

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) -- The City of Midland saw a record number of car break-ins last month with many of the stolen items being fire-arms.

Midland Police Department said 132 cars were burglarized through out the area, making these numbers the highest all year.

Sergeant Jimmy Young said the departments campaign, “lock it. Or lose it,” was started to help lower the number of victims in the community.

“May this past month is a record for all time high of burglaries of motor vehicles, ever in the city of midland so guys we just have to remember to lock our vehicles,” said Sgt. Young.

He said the suspects are starting out young, with many just looking to keep busy while the school session is out for the summer.

Sgt. Young said, “it’s just sometimes kids just do not have anything to do and we want to keep them busy doing something and there is a lot of activities they can do in the City of Midland.”

“Lock it. Or Lose it” a campaign created to help the police with their efforts to catch possible suspects and to help inform the public how to keep their belongings to themselves, especially items like guns.

“I am a big fan of guns. Lock them up in the house, everyday just lock them up. We do not want them to get in the wrong hands because I get phone calls like, ‘have you found my gun yet?’ No. Because once they find these guns they get rid of them very quickly,” said Sgt. Young.

Midland Police Department said knowing your neighbor is crucial to helping keep burglary numbers low.

Sgt. Young said, “Nowadays people are too busy to meet each other, you know, like how many people really know their neighbors? It is all about helping one another and keeping Midland safe.”

Young said if you have any information on burglaries around the area report them directly and anonymously to the Midland Police Department.