Volunteer goes above and beyond for MCH

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) - Many organizations rely on volunteers, but some go far beyond the call of duty.

If you’ve ever walked through the doors of Medical Center Hospital, you can always count on seeing one thing—Faye Smith.

She’s been volunteering at MCH for a long time, and I mean a really long time.

“Forty-one thousand hours and I’ve loved every minute of it,” Smith said.

For 17 years, Smith has worked all over the hospital helping guests at the front desk, delivering mail and passing on her knowledge to other volunteers.

The hospital staff said come rain or shine, Smith is here working around the clock almost every single day. The first one to come and the last one to leave.

“Even when we have bad weather, she still wants to come in, despite the advice not to come in for her safety,” Medical Center Hospital Volunteer Services Manager Jennifer Jones said. “But she wants to be here. This is her life.”

Smith said her service was inspired when her late husband became ill with COPD and had to stay in the hospital off and on for two years before he died.

The staff helped Smith through that difficult time, and now she’s doing the same thing for hundreds of others.

“Because I know how it is when you have somebody that’s here in the hospital.”

Throughout the years, her dedication to the job and record-breaking service hours have become legend around the hospital. So much so that there’s an award named after her.

The Faye Smith Spirit Award is granted to volunteer teams who show top notch professionalism, kindness and selflessness.

Everything that is Faye Smith.

“She’s loving, she’s smiling, she’s caring and she’s giving,” Jones said. “She does a great job at what she does.”

Even with 17 years of hard work under her belt and an 85th birthday around the corner, Smith is nowhere near ready to call it quits.

“Not as long as I can do it,” she said. “When Jennifer tells me, I can’t do it anymore.”