MCH board member tells CBS7 he wasn't downplaying COVID-19 in Facebook post

ODESSA, Tx (KOSA) -- A member of the MCH Board of Directors received push-back on social media following a post he made about the coronavirus over the weekend.

"Can someone post a link to the abundance of covid cases from Snapchat, YouTube , TikTok, not from a media source," Dr. Ben Quiroz wrote on his Facebook page Saturday. "Lots and lots of videos from the ICU should be available with the thousands of ventilators needed world wide. Does anyone have a plethora of data to share? Documented case studies. Please post!"

Quiroz met with CBS7 on Monday to explain that he wasn't criticizing the media or downplaying the severity of the coronavirus.

"What I was asking through that Facebook post was to educate yourselves," Quiroz said. "About why we need to stay home and why businesses are shut down, because it's legitimate. I just think having first hand knowledge of that would go a long way."

Quiroz said the first hand knowledge could come from social media posts or other testimonies from people working in the hospitals, or even people who have survived the virus.

"If people understood the severity of this thing from other people that are going through it," Quiroz said. If that were the information we were getting: 'Hey stay home. This is why you're staying home'."

Quiroz would also like more transparency from state and local governments, especially as a medical professional and hospital board member.

"I don't have the information like what [Governor] Greg Abbott has," Quiroz said. "That has not been presented to the Board of Directors and to Medical Center Hospital. I don't have anything other than what everybody else has. That's a little frustrating for me too. We're supposed to be making some really big decisions here."

While Quiroz wants citizens to know as much as possible, he warns to not believe everything you see or hear.

"Not listening to rumors or 'he said/she said' I think is really important," Quiroz said. "If it goes past one or two people that's already a problem."