Locals react to H-E-B potentially coming to Seminole

GAINES COUNTY -- Update: H-E-B says it does not have current plans to build an H-E-B in Seminole at this time.

The city of Seminole is served by only two grocery stores, but that may soon change.

The small town of Seminole has set its sights on one of the biggest grocery store chains in Texas, H-E-B.

The economic development corporation in Seminole has been approved for negotiations with H-E-B to have a store built, according to the Seminole Sentinel.

The prospect is thrilling for Seminole residents used to shopping in more limited stores.

Many of the shoppers we spoke to say a big store like H-E-B would expand their options and make local prices more competitive.

“Just better prices and better stuff you can choose from,” Linda Mahaffey said. “These are just so small that there’s just not a lot in the stores”

However, while this may be good news for customers, United Supermarkets Store Director Jim Daniel wouldn’t be so pleased with such a big competitor.

He said it would hurt the store if H-E-B came to town, but he’s not too worried.

“Frankly, I’d be very surprised if H-E-B would come to a town the size of Seminole,” Daniel said. “I’m not sure that there’s enough business here to warrant a structure like H-E-B bills.”

Gail McCloud agrees. She said while she’d love to have a new grocery store, she would only want it built if her fellow shoppers can spend enough money to keep it afloat.

“If the community supports it,” McCloud said about the potential store. “If the community is big enough to support it. Not for it to come in and then go under because the community couldn’t support it.”

The EDC has land set aside if the deal passes.