Locals bring Bush funeral to Odessa

ODESSA -- On Wednesday the John Ben Shepard Presidential Library hosted a viewing of President George H. W. Bush’s funeral in Washington D.C. The event gave locals the chance to watch the funeral for America’s 41st president with a group.

Former 41st U.S. President George H.W. Bush's casket arrives at Washington National Cathedral, Photo Date: 12/5/2018

“It’s like we’re sitting in there really, together,” attendee Ashley Spears said. “I’d rather sit in there with other people than in an office by myself.”

That feeling of community extended well beyond the UTPB campus.

“We’re all the way over here in Odessa, and we’re basically there in spirit,” Joaquin Lopez said. “And so all over the nation we’re all doing the same, and I just find that amazing.”

When the president’s casket was brought in, those in Odessa stood as well.

“Just respect,” Debra Rimke. “For the family. And him as a man.”

Some in attendance thought it was just a small way to thank a man who changed so many lives.

“My mom absolutely loved him, and she actually benefited a lot from the American Disability Act,” Spears said. “She’s no longer with us, but I thought that she would want to watch.”

Others said that President Bush’s legacy will be the family he leaves behind.

“You could just tell he was a loving father,” Lopez said. “That he instilled values in them. And for them to be successful also. To be Governor of Texas. Governor of Florida, and for George W. Bush himself to become president as well says a lot.”