Local mother holds massive food drive in front yard

MIDLAND -- A Midland woman handed out food to 25 local families going through hard time on Saturday.

Michelle Eaden is a mother of two children and has a good job, but she says there’s been times where she struggled to feed her family. To help those going through similar experiences, she organized a food drive.

“It brings tears to me because I know how it is to be in that type of situation,” Eaden said. “So many people have told me ‘Hey I’m on my last this. I’m on my last that.’ So if I can help them make it to the next week, or even just to their next pay period, it’s a blessing.”

Eaden put together a list and contacted 25 families, many with single mothers, letting them know they could swing by and pick up a load of food.

“Money’s tight,” said LaToya Oudems said. “And [Eaden] was like ‘Don’t let your pride get in the way of me helping you. It’s okay to let people help you.’ I’ve learned it’s okay to ask for help sometimes.”

The food wasn’t limited to boxed goods. Every family went home with fresh chicken, beef, eggs and milk.

“Donations, donations, donations,” Eaden said. “I had donations from Austin, Texas. Denver, Colorado. I have people that networked with me from Facebook. A lot of coworkers and neighbors.”

Eaden said she ultimately had to ask people to stop donating because they had easily exceeded their original goal of 15 families. She added that all of the food would be given away by the end of the day.

“To receive all of this is just a blessing to people,” Oudems said, “And it’s a blessing to my family.”