Local high school teams return to workouts

Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 6:46 PM CDT
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Monday was an exciting day for high school athletes and coaches in the Permian Basin, as the state allowed them to have team workouts for the first time in nearly three months.

“What people forget is we didn’t just lose the strength and conditioning,” Midland Lee Head Football Coach Clint Hartman said. “We lost the relationship building. Making sure kids are safe, that they’re doing well, that they’re acting right. All those little things.”

At Lee and Odessa Permian, every athlete was screened and had their temperature taken. They’ll do this before workouts everyday.

Groups were spaced out, and sanitation was a requirement for the hundreds of kids in attendance.

“Well it’s a little bit different smell when you go in the weight room,” Permian Head Football Coach Jeff Ellison joked. “There’s a lot of hand sanitizer going on and disinfectant. It’s great and we’ve got to do those things to keep everybody safe, that’s our number one priority. Then adjusting and still getting the work in.”

For players it was strange to have coaches harping on cleanliness.

“It’s a little weird seeing them with hand sanitizer in their hands,” Lee quarterback Mikey Serrano said. “They’ll be like ‘Hey clean this when you’re done!’ when it’s not usually immediate, we get our work first then clean. So it’s a little funny, but it is what it is.”

Out on the field, long passes were just another way to stay socially distant.

Despite all the changes, Monday was a major step toward the return of high school athletics.

“Actually being out here working again shows you how much closer you are to the season opening up,” Serrano said. “Excited for some football.”