Less Wind and Cool Temperatures Today

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Cold and calm conditions are in place this morning. Temperatures are at or just above the freezing mark this morning and wind chills are in the 20’s.
As the sun comes up, expect warming temperatures. Highs will climb to around 60 this afternoon, under sunny skies. The winds will be much calmer, out of the NW this morning, then SW this afternoon. Wind speeds will be around 5mph for most locations.

Another drop in temperatures is expected today. Overnight lows will fall into the neighborhood of 40. Clear skies and light winds will favor a few spots falling into the 30’s.

Look for lots of sunshine on Thanksgiving Day. Highs will climb back to around 75. The winds will once again be light at only 5mph or so.

Expect temperatures in the mid 40’s for the early morning hours of Friday. Those heading out to do some shopping will need a jacket early in the day but can shed the coat as the temperatures climb to around 80 in the afternoon.

A weak cold front will shave a few degrees off of the high on Saturday and Sunday. Look for lower 70’s under sunny skies each day.