'Legacy Park' coming to Andrews

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ANDREWS, TX. (KOSA) - The Andrews County Commissioners met this morning and approved a new park to be constructed close to the center of town.

According to project coordinators the price tag on this project is about $2 million dollars.

Alondra Gonzales runs a family owned business across the street where the new Legacy Park will be built.

The old jail house is on the property and she is sad because it's set to be torn down and turned into a first responder memorial.

“We have been here for a long time. It has already been years since it has been there so I do not think they should make it go down but this is the Andrews people that wants that,” said Gonzales.

Project organizers do not want the community to worry because they plan on using the materials from the old jail house in the new park and in the new jail house being constructed now.

“They do not need to take something that has been here for a long time down to make something else. We already have too much stuff. I do not think they should make the jail go down,” said Gonzales.

According to project coordinators the price tag on this project is about $2 million dollars.

The funds will come from the WCS fund which can only be used for restoration projects around Andrews.

“Unfortunately Andrews just doesn’t have a huge history of buildings everywhere for historical buildings so we thought we could do a lot with this project which will bring it all in one place and tell the story and history of our town,” said Rex Johnson, an organizer for the project.

‘Legacy Park,’ will change the historic house on the property into a museum and add two giant murals to each side of the park.

“This is not a very simple decision to make. A lot of people have been looking at this for a very long time. We think this is the time and place to do something with it and let’s put in its place something that will honor it,” said Johnson.

They plan on having the full project ready for the community by next summer.