Kermit police cracking down on RVs

Sylvia Phillips never intended to own an RV park, but with three RVs outside of her house, that’s just what she has.

Phillips and her husband have had a permit to operate an RV Park for two years.

However, not everyone in town plays by the rules. CBS 7 spoke with the owner of property on the corner of Pine St. and Bryan St., who says the rundown RVs parked there don’t pay any rent, and he has no intention to pay for a permit.

CBS 7 also spoke with a woman living in one of two RVs sitting next to a house, and she told us that they are going to tow one of them away tomorrow to avoid a citation from police.

Officer McKintosh Arguello told us that the city is capping the number of RVs in town, and not giving out any new permits for RV Parks

Arguello said that they start by giving warnings, and then wait ten days before issuing citations. If places qualifying as RV parks continue to operate without a permit, they will be shut down.