Keep Apples Cold

PRODUCE MAN I walk into a lot of grocery stores, and I know you probably do -- probably three times a week you walk into a grocery store -- and one of the things I look for, especially this time of year, I'm checking out all the Apples in the produce department and in the market.

And one of the things I'm looking for is to make sure those Apples are on what we call a "cold rack." In a produce department, we have cold racks and we have dry racks.

And the dry racks are for things like Onions and Potatoes and things that you really don't have to refrigerate. But the cold rack you need to refrigerate things.

Apples, one of those items that you need to keep refrigerated. And one of the things I tell people and I -- you know, I tell people all the time if you find Apples that are on a dry rack, no refrigeration, and whatever the temperature is -- what is it 75, 80 degrees -- well, that Apple is gonna get hot too and it's gonna get mealy inside.

Now you know why that Apple was mealy. You need to buy Apples from a cold refrigerated rack.

I'm Michael Marks, Your Produce Man.