Justice of the Peace: from 7 candidates down to 2

ODESSA -- The Justice of the Peace election started with 7 candidates and is now down to 2.

"We had a lot of really good people in this race and I'm glad I'm one of the top,” said Missi Walden. “Matthew is young and ambitious and I hope he does well."

After the March 6th elections, Missi Walden earned 32% and Matthew Stringer with 23% of the votes and are now scheduled for a runoff.

"Run like you're in dead last. That's how I've been this whole campaign, and will do right 'till the end," Stringer said.

"I feel like I could jump in doing the job and do a really good job," added Walden.

One of them will find their new home at the courthouse, but for Missi Walden it won't be much of a change.

"I've worked at the courthouse for 13 years: we work on all types of cases, just like the justice of the peace - just higher level civil cases and we do felony criminal cases," she explained.

Both candidates hoping to use their levels of experience to their advantage:

"I have 27 years of legal experience and the last 13 years I've been working with the district courts, so that qualifies me to be in this position," Walden said.

"I am going to be the most diligent, most proficient person on the ballot, strongest proven civic background out of us and I'm ready to serve in this office," Stringer added.

With 500 yard signs a piece, over 30 combined large signs, and countless hours out in the sun campaigning, they're excited for part two of the election.

"There's a lot more time between now and then, so I can get a lot more doors knocked. I'm a little tired and a little sun-burnt, but very optimistic," said Stringer.

"I'm feeling really good, I'm really thankful to all the people who came out to vote for me yesterday," commented Walden. -
In the meantime:

"Campaign, campaign, campaign," Stringer concluded.
The runoff elections will be May 22nd.