"It's not over yet," says mother of Missing Sul Ross Student Zuzu Verk

Published: Feb. 3, 2017 at 7:23 PM CST
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Early Friday morning, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent came across human remains in the Sunny Glen Canyon area just north west of Alpine.

Although the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office says it will be days before they can positively identify the remains, one person is confident she knows who was lying in that shallow grave.

Lori Verk believes it’s her daughter Zuzu Verk.

In an exclusive interview, CBS 7 News sat down with the missing Alpine student’s mother whose now looking for justice.

When Alpine Police Chief Russell Scown knocked on Lori’s door early Friday morning one thought came to her mind:

“Thank God, thank God, let it be over.”

No words can begin to express the pain and anger that has been building inside of Lori since the morning of October 12, 2016 -- the day she learned her youngest daughter was missing.

She and her family have been clinging on to hope that Zuzu would be found alive, but as soon as she was told about the human remains that were discovered she knew in her heart her worst nightmare had come true.

“It’s my baby girl, this is what they’ve done,” Lori said with pain in her eyes.

Now it’s justice that the Verk family is after.

“It’s not over yet, not by a long shot,” Lori said with determination. “I want to find out exactly what, when, why, how, who -- that’s what I want to find out.”

Lori has only one thing to say to the man she believes took her daughter’s life.

“We have found her, now you just need to tell the truth. We’ll know what happened.”

Sheriff Dodson is expecting to have a positive identity on the remains found by Monday or Tuesday.

Lori says she’s just ready to lay her daughter to rest once and for all.

A grand jury is scheduled to meet regarding Zuzu’s disappearance in the near future.

Zuzu's ex-boyfriend Robert Fabian and his friend Chris Estrada remain the only two suspects in the case.



Zuzu's mother, Lori Verk, spoke with CBS 7 following the discovery of a body Friday morning.

According to Lori, she says she has very mixed feelings about the situation.

"I can't tell you how much I've appreciated all the love and support, can't get through this without all the support," said Lori.

"It's not over yet, not by a long stretch."

CBS 7's Deann Lopez will have an exclusive interview with Lori tonight at 10.