Daughter reflects on trial after stepmother declared not guilty of murder

Published: Feb. 12, 2019 at 11:16 PM CST
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This story has been updated to reflect quotes from a family member

Original Story:

ECTOR COUNTY -- A Gardendale woman who was charged with killing her husband back in 2014, was found not guilty by an Ector County jury Thursday.

That's according to Ector County District Attorney Bobby Bland.

Blanca Salazar was charged in the murder of Israel Dominguez Salazar on October 25, 2014, at the couple’s residence.

Odessa police say Israel Salazar was found shot to death at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds. A jury deliberated for three hours before finding Blanca Salazar not guilty.

Attorneys Michael McLeaish and Jason Leach represented Blanca Salazar in her trial.


Blanca Salazar was charged with the murder of her husband, Israel Salazar, in 2014. On Feb.7 2019, Blanca Salazar was found not guilty by an Ector County Jury after several hours of deliberation.

Blanca Salazar argued self-defense, and her legal team showed evidence that her husband had been violent with her several times in the past, according to our media partners at The Odessa American. The prosecution didn’t dispute the statement. The Odessa American goes on to report that the prosecution argued that shooting her husband wasn’t in self-defense. Ultimately, the jury found Salazar not guilty.

Israel Salazar’s daughter, Elisabet Salazar, recounted family memories.

“My dad was a very family man. He liked to do a lot of stuff as a family, big groups. My daughter for instance was his princess. She loved her Tatita. She loved her Tatita, and I loved my dad. And I missed all of those moments we had together. We would go bowling, he was very active in our lives,” she said.

Salazar said it was difficult waiting years for a trial. When the jury’s decision was announced, she became upset.

“Well, I was really upset because the jury only heard three incidents about my dad. They didn’t hear about all the other trips he had with his wife or the family. They travelled a lot. Every Friday they were out dancing,” she said.

Salazar claims there is more to the story than was told in court.

“I admit those three incidents, he shouldn’t have. There was some domestic violence there. He should have paid for those, but not with his life. She [is] a feisty woman. He too had bruises too, those times that they had problems and would break up. We saw bruises on him too,” she said.

And after the court room doors closed, ever member of the Salazar family is left needing to heal.

“It’s always going to hurt, but I’m going to move on, live for my kids. And one day, my grandkids,” she said.

CBS7 reached out to Blanca Salazar over social media requesting an interview but did not receive a response at the time of broadcast.