Iraan Braves will take alternate route to Abilene on Friday

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The Iraan Braves will be taking an alternate route to Abilene for their playoff match on Friday; one that avoids I-20, the highway where tragedy struck last Friday evening.

"We're so intertwined in these towns being on I-10 with nothing surrounding us. Families intertwined, friends intertwined. It's just a big, huge, West Texas, football family,” said Christy Cruz, Crockett County Deputy Clerk.

After she heard that Ozona was just outside of the new route, Christy Cruz came up with the idea for the Ozona community to come together, make signs, and greet the braves as they pass through.

The new route has the Iraan athletic team heading through cities like Barnhart, Mertzon, San Angelo and Winters, and many plan on setting up police escorts and support to line the streets.

“Anytime there's a tragedy like that with our neighbors we want to support them in any way that we can. Whether it's escorting them through, or [giving] personal support. We have lots of friends and family in our neighboring towns, especially Iraan, and we want to support them as they go on their travel and go get that win,” said Brian Morrow, Chief of Ozona Volunteer Fire Department

Sheriff W.A. Estes of Irion County also stressed that anyone in the communities along the route should not block businesses, private drives, or roads if they plan to come out to the route to support Iraan on their trip to the State Semifinal.