Insects in Lettuce

PRODUCE MAN Hold on just a second. I've gotta get my lettuce open here, and I've gotta get something. There we go. I'm looking for -- oh, oh -- see, this time of year, it is very normal to see more insects in your lettuce, especially your leaf lettuce.

Very possible to see more insects. And why is that? Well, the growers aren't doing a bad job this time of year. It's simply -- it's late in the summer, it's late in the season, and we have more insect populations.

All the hillsides are brown, so all the insects find green things, right? And so they're going down to the lettuce fields --the green leaf, the romaine, and the red leaf. So what do you do about that? Very, very simple. You rinse them off in ice cold water.

So you take these leaves -- whatever leaves you have -- you're gonna take these leaves; you're gonna put them in ice cold -- and i do mean ice cold. Ice cold causes those little insects to let go, and they float to the top. If that doesn't work, add some lemon juice.

Oh, that'll make them let go. I'm Michael Marks, your produce man.