Injured Odessa Police Corporal went into action when duty called

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ODESSA, Tx (KOSA) -- There were many heroes on the day of the mass shooting in Midland-Odessa, and not every one of them was on-call.

In 2015, Corporal Teddy Yelley took the oath to serve as an Odessa Police Officer.

He worked his way up to canine handler, but things changed this spring when he was seriously injured while on duty.

"Of course you never go into the day expecting to get injured or knowing if you're going to get hurt, but we always prepare for the worst," Yelley said.

Yelley was hit by a vehicle after responding to a car jacking in May.

"At the snap of my finger I was down on the ground and I was hurt. It happened so fast," he described.

Yelley said he broke bones in both of his feet and fractured his right leg, which now has a rod in it.

It's made the physical recovery difficult.

Plus, with worker's comp, Yelley said it's been hard to provide for his family because he hasn't been able to work his usual overtime hours.

Although, that's not what he struggles with the most.

"It's killing me not being able to go to work. Not to be able to go out there and train with my dog. We train everyday," Yelley explained. "So, I really want to get back out there and protect the city that I love. You know, I was born and raised here and hadn't planned on going anywhere else than here."

But when the mass shooting attack hit Odessa, Corporal Yelley's injuries didn't hold him back.

Yelley was resting his leg at home that Saturday on Labor Day weekend when he began hearing commotion over his radio.

"I hear the absolutely crazy stories that were going out. I hear about all of the victims, and all the different scenes we're having," he said.

When he realized the chase was near his home in East Odessa, Yelley didn't hesitate.

"I grabbed my crutches, went into my garage - put on my vest, grabbed my rifle, started crutching out to my car. I was going to go out there - if anything I'm an extra set of eyes," Yelley said. "If he's shooting from a car, I can shoot from a car. I was going to try and help the citizens of Odessa, as well as my brothers in blue. I was going to have their back."

Despite the pain, Yelley took to the streets that chaotic afternoon to help where he could.

Yelley admits he felt sore that night, but doesn't regret his decision for a second.

If you would like to help the Yelley family during the corporal's time of recovery, you can find his GoFund me page here.