Influential West Texan Charles Perry dies at 88

Photo Courtesy: Odessa American

ODESSA -- Engineer, energy industry leader, civil servant, veteran, football state champion, Charles Perry dies at 88, the Odessa American reports.

Family members confirmed Perry's death to the OA on Thursday.

Perry founded $250 million Perry Gas Companies in West Texas in the 1960's.

In addition Odessa American reports that he served with professional and community organizations through numerous successful ventures, working as the chairman of Perry Management and the chairman of Perry Gas Processors, and also spending time serving on boards with the Colorado River Municipal Water District, The Salvation Army of Odessa, the Midland Chamber of Commerce, the United Way of Odessa, UTPB's development board and much more.

Perry was also named the Permian Basin International Oil Show's 2012 show honoree for his work in the field of natural gas.

Perry Management released the following statement following Perry's passing:

"Charles Perry passed away on July 12, 2018.
With roots firmly set in the Natural Gas Processing and Transportation Industry, Perry Management had decades of experience to offer in the fields of natural gas consulting, troubleshooting and expert witness testimony in oil and natural gas processing and transmission."