In Depth Look at Candidates Platforms for County Judge

The Midland primaries are March 6th and candidates have a few more weeks to share their messages with the public.

Several midland county republican candidates gathered Tuesday for a public forum.

Including the candidates for Midland County Judge.

The position for Midland County Judge is an open seat, meaning the incumbent, Mike Bradford isn't running for re-election.

While candidates agree that issues like roadways and a growing population are important topics, they have different ideas about how to deal with problems.

James Beauchamp Stephen Robertson and Terry Johnson all campaigning for the seat of county judge.

But with varying backgrounds, each says his experience makes the difference.

For Beauchamp, top priorities include infrastructure and roads.
His focus, completing loop 250 and even the possibility of a South Loop 250.

He also wants to make sure emergency crews can access people out in the county in a timely manner, while keeping the county budget in mind.

“I have a record of success in this area, with the projects that we have undertaken, during my 14 years at MOTRAN, we brought in an additional billion dollars for the Permian Basin. Everybody has good intentions, everybody has a vision but the question is can you affectively accomplish that vision,” said Beauchamp.

If elected Robertson’s main focus will also be on infrastructure, specifically looking at the growing number of people moving into our area.

Another focus, the large portion of the county budget that goes toward the criminal justice system, not just the Sheriff’s Department but the court system as well.

I’m the only attorney running for this position, and it’s not a requirement, but I think it gives me a certain understanding and a certain perspective of what it takes to do this job, numerous amounts of regulations and limitations,” said Robertson.

The final candidate, Johnson is focused on business.

He says the driving force for our economy-oil, and that requires better infrastructure in the county.

Law enforcement, tops the list for Johnson, specifically the Sheriff’s Department and whether to enlarge our current jail or transfer inmates to keep numbers down inside the facility.

“Their county business is just that, it’s a business, the taxing the spending of their money is serious business and they have a right to know what’s going on, this county government needs to be transparent, they need to have a say in it.

For more information on any of these candidates and what they stand for, they all have Facebook pages and websites with more details on their platforms.