Hurricane Harvey relief fundraiser by Coahoma ISD tops $2,200

CHS varsity football players and cheerleaders display a ceremonial $1,800 check for La Porte ISD Friday before the Bulldog football game. During last week, Coahoma ISD students and staff raised money to give to the south Texas school district as part of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. (Photo courtesy of Coahoma ISD media)

COAHOMA -- A Hurricane Harvey relief effort fundraiser has topped $2,200.

The following comes from Coahoma ISD:

On Friday night in Bulldog stadium, the Coahoma High School cheerleading squad and members of the varsity football team displayed a ceremonial $1,800 check to symbolize funds raised last week by students and staff to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. By the end of the game, donations had topped $2,200.

The money will be given to La Porte ISD, a school district located in Harris County on the coastline of Texas. As a sign of support for their fellow South Texan Bulldogs, the varsity boys wore their infrared specialty jerseys. In addition, they wore Texas decals on their helmets benefiting Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

“These jerseys symbolized the blending of the red Coahoma Bulldogs and the orange La Porte Bulldogs,” said Coahoma ISD Superintendent Dr. Amy Jacobs. “It was a proud moment to see our community come together and support our fellow Texans as they rebuild and repair from the destruction wrought by Hurricane Harvey.

“I know our staff greatly empathizes with teachers, students and families who may have been affected,” Jacobs continued. “We hope this donation can, in some small way, help the students and community of La Porte ISD regain a little of what they lost from the hurricane.”

During the past week, Coahoma ISD held a coin drive and hosted a special Hat Day where students and staff paid $1 to wear hats during school. The idea for this fundraiser originated from the Coahoma Elementary School student council.

“I have to give a big pat on the back to Brynn McJimsey and her elementary student council for coming up with this fundraiser,” Jacobs said. “This shows real leadership, planning and compassion for others from our young scholars.”

The fundraiser became a house challenge throughout the district. This is the first year Coahoma ISD has instituted a house system, a technique used by schools across the country to help build character through teamwork and individual responsibility. Points are given to houses throughout the year based on many aspects from attendance and grades to classroom activities.

Semper Fortis came out as the house winner with more than $670 collected during the week. Semper Sperabo recorded the second highest amount, with almost $400 collected. The money will be given directly to La Porte ISD sometime this week.

Coahoma ISD is a public school district located in east Howard County providing pre-k through high school education for the city of Coahoma and surrounding area. The school district serves approximately 1,000 students.