Hundreds pray together around Andrews lake

ANDREWS, Tx. (KOSA) -- People from all denominations and walks of life joined hands at Lakeside Park in Andrews Sunday, praising God the same way the community did back when it celebrated America’s Bicentennial.

“42 years ago they had the same thing happen here on the 4th of July,” Larry Brewer, pastor at City of Refuge Church said. “They had a picture in the paper of the entire lake being surrounded by people holding hands and praying for Andrews. We saw that and it really struck us. Can we still do that in today’s world, with the division and separation that’s going on everywhere?”

The answer was evidently yes, and although they weren’t able to totally surround the lake, area pastors were still happy to see the hundreds of people united there.

“All these people showed up early on a Sunday morning just to worship the Lord,” Brewer said. “So we are greatly encouraged. Blessed is a good word. We’re blessed.”

Many of Andrews’ religious leaders meet together once a week, and helped make this event possible.

“Sometimes we get shut in behind our own walls and we get closed in,” Cross Bar Cowboy Church Pastor Paul Fair said. “It’s helpful when we see the issues that other pastors are dealing with in life. It just helps us stay connected and know what’s truly going on within the body of Christ."

In addition to unity, those in attendance felt joy and thankfulness for what they have.

“I was diagnosed with cancer in 2004,” Reverend Allen Strambler Sr. said. “The Lord has been taking care of me for about 16 years, and I get happy because He has given me an opportunity to watch my grandkids grow up. So I thank Him for that. I’m one of those guys where [the music] is like fire shot up in your bones.”

Organizers hope to hold another event like this in the future, and serve as the proverbial “city on a hill.”

“I just hope people can say ‘Look at Andrews’,” Strambler said. “They see no color. They know that God is not respective of person. God loves us all. Look at Andrews. People get along well and love one another. I want people to say that Andrews is a great place to live, full of good Christian folks.”