Helping Hands: Mission Center Adult Day Service

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 10:47 AM CST
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Caring for a loved one who may be elderly, has a disability, or is handicapped can make day-to-day tasks difficult or even impossible.

And usually, the only option is long term care facilities or nursing homes, which can be costly.

That’s where Mission Center Adult Day Service bridges the gap.

The Midland Shared Spaces Building (3500 N A St #1300, Midland, TX 79705) is where Mission Center is located.

For over three decades, Mission Center has been providing an environment where anyone 18-years of age or older who has a mental or physical disability, or age-related illness can socialize, relax, be cared for, and more.

And for Executive Director, Nadine Hill, and her team, it’s greater than just a job.

“It’s a blessing every day and be greeted by our clients. If you’re coming in and you’re having a bad day, and you see someone who may be a paraplegic, and yet they have smile on their face and they say good morning and they're blessed to be here. It blesses you in return,” said Hill.

For just $70 a day, Monday through Friday, caretakers bring their loved ones to Mission Center.

Each of them welcomed with open arms, not only benefitting the clients but the caregivers as well.

“That allows their loved ones to live their lives. It allows them to continue working or maybe just go get their hair done or you know decompress,” Hill explains.

And during their stay, there’s rarely a dull moment. There’s a wide variety of things to do including exercising, relaxing and watching TV, and even medical care can be found at Mission Center Adult Day Service.

“We do provide shuttle services to Midland, Greenwood, and Odessa,” said Hill.

A fleet of busses sits ready to take clients to and from Mission Center, not only that but a home-delivered meal service is also available.

With so many services offered here, volunteers are a big help in any way, no matter the skill set.

“We want them to come in, tell us about it, tell us where you want to be. I can tell you what’s available, but I want you to be where you want to be. So, therefore, every day you come, you’re happy, your contributing, and you're utilizing your skills. Mission Center Adult Day Service is here and we’re here to take care of your loved ones,” Hill explains.

If you would like to begin the process of being a client of Mission Center Adult Day Service or to volunteer and get involved,

or call 432-688-7720.