Helping Hands: Meals on Wheels Odessa

Published: Jan. 20, 2020 at 10:56 PM CST
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It's a program that brings food to some Odessans who would go without something to eat.

Meals on Wheels has operated since 1977 and relies on the help of volunteers like William Van Der Zyden and Nelson Minyard to help deliver more than 550 meals a day to home bound seniors, the elderly and disabled.

Nelson Minyard says "It's very important because there are a lot of hungry people in West Texas and it's a blessing just to be able to do it."

William Van Der Zyden delivers meals four days a week.

A math professor at Odessa College, Van Der Zyden travels from Stanton and delivers meals before going to OC to complete his day.

He says it takes about an hour, start to finish, to complete his route and says he enjoys the interaction with his clients.

William Van Der Zyden told CBS7: "I have folks that are elderly people who could sure use some help. I have some who are a little younger with medical ailments and the reception from them is wonderful. They are always glad to see us."

Meals on wheels covers a large portion of Odessa.

Most volunteers come from companies or individuals, but anyone can volunteer.

More than 30 volunteers are needed daily.

Without them Meals on Wheels couldn't function.

Van Der Zyden adds: "I want to give back to our community, especially a community that stood up for Odessa College and supported us for all these years."

If you would like to volunteer.

Call Meals on Wheels in Odessa at 333-6451.