Helping Hands Initiative: Red Cross

Published: Jan. 16, 2019 at 9:49 AM CST
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If you're interested in volunteering with the Red Cross, you can find more information online


Stacy Pickett is one of three employees with the American Red Cross serving the Permian Basin. She says they have to cover 23 counties with only 30 volunteers.

"We really need volunteers to help carry out the mission, especially in outlying counties where if something should happen, it's going to take 2, 3, maybe 4 hours for us here to get to you, so the more people we have volunteering throughout the Permian Basin, the better equip the community is to respond to a disaster," said Pickett.

As it stands the Red Cross has less than a third of their desired number of volunteers. They're looking for members of the community who want to help those in need locally.

"You don't have to deploy nationally, you can stay right here in the Permian Basin and help your neighbors here," said Pickett.

Right now the Red Cross is looking for upwards of 75 to 100 volunteers to cover this area.

"The volunteer creates their own experience, so you tell us what you want to do as a volunteer - we will train you, and you tell us when you can volunteer - you set your availability... if you don't want to be called at three o'clock in the morning, we won't call you at three o'clock in the morning," said Pickett.

Anyone over 16 is qualified to volunteer. The Red Cross staff will put volunteers through the proper training to prepare for any possible situation.

Pickett says that one of their veteran volunteers started during Hurricane Katrina and has continued ever since.

"He goes everywhere. He went to Katrina, he went to Harvey, he's been to California for the really impacts his life and he says he loves it because he feels like its structured a lot like the military, so it him it just kind of feels like home."

A home they hope you join.