Helping Hands Initiative: Keep Midland Beautiful

Published: Jan. 16, 2019 at 10:13 AM CST
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Keep Midland Beautiful needs volunteers.

The non-profit offers many opportunities, from once-a-year cleanup and recycling events, to around five programs that aid different aspects of keeping the city clean.

Executive Director of Keep Midland Beautiful, Doreen Womack, said the organization needs volunteers in a variety of programs.

“As we head in to spring, I think it’s just natural to think clean up. We want people to come out and clean up with us,” she said.

A community member can spend one day a year at a cleanup day, like Texas Recycle Day, The Great American Clean-up and Don’t Mess With Texas Trash Off, or Fall Sweep Annual Community Cleanup.

Womack highlighted the importance of serving the community with community.

“For one thing, it’s fun. I know that some people think, oh my gosh, there couldn’t be anything worse than picking up litter. But we have a litter problem in our community. And it’s a community issue, it’s not an organizations issue. And it’s fun working together in a group,” she said.

The non-profit also has programs like Adopt-a-Spot. Families or other groups commit to cleaning one spot at least twice a year.

Non-profit groups can also earn money for a good cause while they pick up litter, through the Trash for Cash program.

“Non-profit organizations who are raising money to maybe go to camp. Instead of having a bake sale, they can come make up to $500 per cleanup, up to six times a year. So that’s $3000 that they could raise to go towards their mission. We pay each volunteer per the hour of cleanup and that goes towards their fundraising to complete their mission,” she said.

Adopt-a-Spot volunteers can either choose a spot to cleanup, or can get a recommendation from the organization. But those participating in the Trash for Cash program will have a spot chosen.

Womack added that they make sure all areas are safe. One need the non-profit is facing is adult groups that can cleanup a space near higher-traffic areas.

Keep Midland Beautiful provides all of the materials needed for clean-up.

Volunteers can also participate in planting trees with the TreeKeepers program.

“That’s a group of people who are really dedicated to our urban forest. I know people may giggle when they hear urban forest in Midland, but we consider all of the trees people have planted around their homes, around their businesses, our urban forest,” she said.

Volunteers can also donate their time and skill to indoor tasks.

“People can come and go to the schools with us, where they can go to the businesses with us and help us talk to people about recycling right in Midland. Then we are also involved in water conservation and beautification,” she said.

Volunteers can receive community service or legacy hours. And every volunteer can get a sticker to show their pride in keeping the city they call home, clean.

If you're interested in volunteering with Keep Midland Beautiful, you can find more information online