Helping Hands: Buckner Children and Family Services

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 10:44 PM CST
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Right off of Big Spring Street, on the north side of the Tall City sits Buckner Children and Family Services.

It's a place where both single moms, and children can call home.

It was first as a group home, and until recently, a small community to provide an environment where single moms, down on their luck, can succeed with their children in the Buckner Family Pathways program. This is a program that focuses on higher education and retaining the normalcy of family life. something that has led to spectacular stories according to Buckner Midland's Executive Director Patrica Acosta.

"There was a Mom that completed a program and she became a police officer. There's another mom that graduated, earned her bachelor's in Business and actually came back and worked with us," said Acosta.

But that's not all. For children without a family, this community at Buckner Midland also represents a chance to continue growing in a family environment so that one day they can be reunited with their family, or find a foster family that will love them and continues to allow them to strive towards success.

We want them in a family environment so that that's where Buckner Foster Care and Adoption comes into place. They were like let's place these kids in family setting homes and have them experience that, not just in a group home," Acosta explains.

With over twenty different houses on the property, some two and some three-bedroom, the entire facility holds up to 42 families, and of that total over 52 children.

With a big facility like, there are lots of needs. You can donate to their emergency storage unit that holds pots, bed sheets, pillows, toiletries, and other essentials a family would need moving in here without anything.

For the children and moms, there are also plenty of volunteer opportunities on sight and in the community as well says Acosta.

"If someone says like oh I love painting and I would want to do a class for the kids or we have a suit for skills program every Monday with the moms. So they're learning job interview skills and things like that and there's always child care needed for their kids," says Acosta.

Donating to their emergency storage unit is as easy as dropping by at 421 W. Pecan Ave in Midland.

For information on different events, you can always call them at 432-684-4641 or go to their Facebook page Buckner Midland.

There you will find information about getting involved with helping a foster child, and or single mom.