Handcuffed Texas man slips, falls face first on wet concrete while trying to elude police

Stephen Michael Payne, 24, is charged with burglary, evading arrest, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana. (Source: Texarkana, Texas, Police Department)

TEXARKANA, Texas (KSLA) - Light rain from Tropical Storm Barry might have played a part in the capture of a burglary suspect, reported KSLA.

The handcuffed man slipped and fell face-first on wet concrete as he tried to get away from Texarkana, Texas, police.

Now Stephen Michael Payne, 24, is cooling his heels in the drier comfort of the Bi-State Jail.

A judge Monday morning set his bonds at $48,000.

“Everybody knows that things get slippery when wet,” the police department said in a Facebook post recounting Sunday’s events.

“And you don’t ever want to do stupid stuff when the streets are slippery. You know... like driving too fast or trying to run away with your hands cuffed behind your back. 😲”

It was misting rain when a man carrying a laptop computer climbed a fence and walked through the backyard of a North Kenwood residence Sunday morning, police say.

The resident called 911.

Officers Dacota Taylor and Dustin Johnson found Payne walking a couple blocks away.

They reportedly noticed he smelled strongly of marijuana and, after talking with him for a few minutes, wound up handcuffing and arresting him.

Then an officer briefly let go of Payne while opening the back door to the patrol car, and Payne saw his opportunity.

He took off running, but not for long.

Because that’s when he fell.

But he was not down for the count.

Officers report that he then kicked at them while he laid on the ground.

An ambulance was summoned “... because his face was bleeding pretty bad from when he fell.”

After being treated at the hospital, Payne was booked on charges of burglary, evading arrest, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana.

Meantime, police Sgt. Jeremy Courtney noticed the front door of a house in the neighborhood was standing open.

The homeowners returned a few minutes later and found a laptop and several other items missing from their home.

Payne had all of them with him when the officers stopped him, authorities say.

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