Halloween Sign in Government Housing Complex Sparks Outrage in Presidio

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PRESIDIO, Tx. (CBS7) - "It's a big deal, for me, and for a lot of people [...] I think it's racist," says resident Ana Rey.

Only American families will receive candy. That is what this sign says in English.
It was posted on Halloween at the customs and border patrol housing complex in the border town of Presidio and it has some residents upset.

Costumes, scares, and most importantly candy, are all concepts that go with Halloween. This year, Presidio residents have something less sweet to associate with the holiday.

"I don’t know,” says resident Adilene Saenz, “I don't have anything to say, it... it... it bothers me."

Adilene said she was trick or treating with her daughter and saw a sign posted at the housing complex on her way out. It reads only American families will receive candy, and Adilene says the person at the door was dressed as Uncle Sam. Some social media reports say the man responsible may have been dressed as Donald Trump. Joke or not, parents say the message didn’t seem right at a border patrol housing facility in a town where it’s common for Mexican children to cross the border to trick or treat.

"I believe a lot of kids do come over from the side for free candy and stuff like that, it's just a part of the way we grew up,” says Chevo Terrazas. “I think if it was a joke it would have been highlighted as a joke, it really didn't seem like it.”

While the sign is taken down now, many say it's already sparked anger throughout the community and say they want to see some sort of action taken.

"It makes you think how is he gonna treat people that he gets in the border," says Rey.

"Am I supposed to take a passport to get free candy?" says Chevo jokingly.

We asked us customers and border protection if there were going to be any repercussions for whoever posted it, they and the big bend sector released a statement saying they "regret that an employee chose to post the sign in question at his residence during halloween. The sign does not reflect the opinion of this agency. We respect all people regardless of their culture, nationality or country of origin. We apologize for any harm this incident may have created in our relationship with the community."

No word yet on any action taken on the employee.