Gyms and other businesses re-open

WEST TEXAS (KOSA) -- Another round of businesses was allowed to re-open Monday morning, per the governor’s orders. Gyms, offices and manufacturers were allowed to resume operations.

According to Governor Greg Abbott, gyms can only function at 25% capacity, and showers and locker rooms must remain closed.

People were excited to have gyms back, even if it was in a limited capacity.

“Oh yeah,” gym attendee Alexis Davis said. “That was the first thing. I’m like ‘We can go to the gym, let’s get up, let’s go.’ So yeah we were super pumped.”

The official re-opening was more of a technicality for Anytime Fitness in Odessa.

Owner Clint Gillispie has had the gym open for more than 2 weeks, in protest of the governor’s order.

“We feel happy that our members, we don’t have to worry about them being harassed,” Gillispie said. “Or anybody coming to issue citations anymore. I still kind of find it incredulous that the governor thinks we need his permission to operate. But I’m excited for other businesses, other gyms that get to run their business again.”

The state recommends that people maintain social distancing in gyms, and should wear gloves while working out, although that is not a requirement.

“We’ve always been a clean facility,” Gillispie said. “Our members have always taken care of our equipment, but they seem to be more in tune about taking care of those things. We’ve added more stations that allow people the convenience of being able to clean up after themselves.”

“I think it’s safe,” Davis said. “If [people] want to come out and go to the gym.”

Also re-opening Monday were office spaces.

The Odessa Chamber of Commerce welcomed in the public and its full staff for the first time in nearly two months.

“Our office is large, so we can really social distance,” Renee Earls said. “It’s nice to have everyone back. We’ve done a lot of Zoom meetings with our staff, so it’s nice to see everyone face-to-face.”

Non-essential manufacturers were also allowed to return to work Monday.