Gun rights rally set for Saturday in Ector County

Published: Jun. 5, 2020 at 5:46 PM CDT
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A group called “Open Carry Texas” will be in Odessa Saturday, protesting

made by the Ector County Sheriff’s office a month ago.

Back on May 4, six armed men were arrested at Big Daddy Zane’s bar. They were protesting for business owners’ rights.

Now more than 100 armed men are expected to be at the bar on Saturday standing up for gun rights.

“We’re not coming there to tear up the town,” OCT Vice President David Amad said. “If you support your sheriff out there, that’s great. But your sheriff pissed all over the Constitution. I’m not just going to let that slide.”

Amad and his fellow OCT members plan to drive from all across the state to stand with their weapons in the bar parking lot, like the protesters did in May.

“My constitutional rights count in Orlando, Oakland, and Odessa,” Amad said. “The day that you start saying ‘Well that’s too far to go to stand up for my rights’, you’ve just taken the first step toward losing your rights.”

Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis maintains that the arrests were never about gun rights.

“We enforced some laws,” Griffis said. “It has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment. I’ve been saying for years that all the good people need to arm themselves, because all the bad ones have. I believe that.”

Both Griffis and Amad said they’ve spoken to each other on the phone, and reached an understanding that things will remain peaceful.

“I just simply said look here’s what the law says,” Amad said. “So here’s what we intend to do, and I very bluntly asked him if we were going to have a problem. And he said no, and I take him at his word.”

“Mr. Amad was very cordial and appeared to be very sincere,” Griffis said. “He expressed that he does not want any harm to anybody. They just want to exercise their rights, have their rally, and then go back home safely.”

Griffis said they’ll be closing West University Boulevard in both directions in front of Big Daddy Zane’s for several hours on Saturday.

The rally is planned to start at 2 p.m.

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