Groundwater permit could mean new water supply for Odessa

Published: Jul. 20, 2017 at 3:19 PM CDT
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A groundwater permit issued this week by The Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District could mean a new water supply for the City of Odessa, the


On Tuesday a permit was issued, finalizing an

between Fort Stockton Holdings, LP, Republic Water of Texas, LLC, and Clayton Williams Farms, Inc.

The deal would FSH to use Edwards-Trinity Aquifer water with certain agreements, including not filing additional permits to produce more groundwater, and looking into developing other aquifers.

According to the Odessa American, the millions of gallons of water that will now be exported could become a water supply for the City of Odessa.

The City will first have to work on contracts and negotiations before the supply becomes a reality.

The Odessa American reports that even if a deal with Odessa is approved, it could take years before the supply reaches the city as infrastructure would have to be built, costing millions of dollars and spanning around 95-miles.

A letter of intent

, which is non-binding, stated that the City would purchase 16 million gallons of water per day from the Republic Water Company, if the export agreement from MPGCD was approved.