Goodwill employees caught dumping donations, CEO promises change

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 9:17 PM CST
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A Goodwill store in Midland is working to restore its reputation after employees were caught dumping donations into dumpsters.

People donate to stores like these because they expect those goods to make it into the hands of people who need it, not behind the store.

One woman posted a series of pictures showing what she said are plenty of usable items left in dumpsters instead of on shelves.

Goodwill West Texas’ CEO visited the store this week to address this problem and explains before anything is put on the shelf it goes through a processing period.

But recently, employees started skipping that process by simply tossing items when their small staff got overwhelmed.

“Midland-Odessa hiring is always a challenge,” West Texas Goodwill CEO Rick Waldraff said. “We’ve got a sign out in front. We’re still looking for employees, we’re always looking for employees. So, they’re processing as fast as they can. If it stacks up and if it doesn’t get to the shelves, it’s a problem.”

The West Texas CEO said items have a minimum six-week shelf life before they consider throwing them away but now the store is partnering with other organizations to find somewhere else to send them.

Goodwill said Elevate Church is going to help them find homes for unsold items going forward.

However, if you’re part of an organization who can take some of these donated items feel free to call goodwill to help as well.

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