Search continues for West Texans missing in Junction flood

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JUNCTION -- More than a dozen people have been rescued from flooding in Junction, but four people from West Texas are still missing.

Emergency responders have dispatched boats, a helicopter and ground search parties to find three men and one woman who were swept away from the South Llano RV Park & Resort.

Waters rushed in early Monday morning after heavy rain nearby caused several streams to overflow into South Llano River.

Texas Game Wardens reported neighbors in the RV park reported the four missing persons were co-workers from West Texas.

The public information officer representing emergency responders in Junction couldn’t give any other information about their identities.

Boats, a helicopter and ground search parties are patrolling the river looking for any signs of life

Fifty national guard troops have also been called in to assist with the search.

Meanwhile, authorities are telling Junction residents to avoid the river as more water can still wash in throughout the evening

No fatalities have been reported.