Fort Stockton's assistant district attorney terminated

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FORT STOCKTON, Tx. (KOSA) - Last month, Fort Stockton lost its police chief, Ryan Skelton. Now, yet another city employee is out.

This time, it’s Assistant District attorney Jesse Gonzales.

The district attorney’s office confirms he was terminated last week

CBS7 spoke with District Attorney Sandy Wilson who would not give a specific reason on why she decided to let Gonzales go.

What she did share is there was a conflict of interest because Gonzales is trying to become interim police chief.

Gonzales also serves as the Fort Stockton city attorney.

We asked Wilson if she knows whether that job is a conflict of interest too, but she said she doesn’t know.

We also tried to get more information from the City Manager Frank Rodriguez, but he wasn’t in his office all day and didn’t return our request for comment.

However, his assistant said the city is wanting to hire an interim police chief from within the police department.