Debate brewing over Fort Stockton High School dress code

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FORT STOCKTON -- A debate appears to be brewing over the dress code at Fort Stockton High School. Board members are working to change it, while teachers are speaking out against any sort of change.

A motion was made to change the code during the April 24th meeting, though it failed to get a second motion.

According to the meeting minutes, one board member ‘supported going back to the dress code, allowing jeans and doing away with standard attire.’ Another board member was noted as saying she supported collared shirts of any color, adding navy pants, navy and white leggings as acceptable standard attire.

Fort Stockton ISD has its student dress code spelled out online. It states all students must wear a collared shirt that must be tucked in at all times. Students are only allowed to wear khaki, royal blue, navy and white.

Following this meeting, teachers spoke out in opposition to the proposed change.

Nancy Campbell wrote in an letter to the Fort Stockton Pioneer editor, “Yes it is a major pain to enforce at high school, but to those of you who are not around middle and high school students, this dress code has an amazing effect on the students’ behavior and demeanor. Go to any other school district with a lax dress code and I promise that you’ll see the difference.”

Another teacher echoed that same sentiment, “School attire greatly cuts down on their ability to get away with illegal and counter-social activity,” Danny Dixon said in a letter to the editor.

The current dress code has been in place since the 2010-2011 school year. There is no word if the board plans to bring up the proposed changes at a later date.