Former Midland police officer continues to serve overseas

MIDLAND -- Jeff Darr wasn't ready to stop giving a helping hand when he retired from the Midland Police Department.

Instead, he quickly took a position as Middle East Project Coordinator for Partners Relief and Development.

“We always think about the Middle East as ‘over there’, but really our world has become a lot smaller than that," he said.

Darr and two other employees from Partners Relief and Development are assisting displaced women and children in Northern Iraq and Syria.

“We just see such a huge need. There are so many people that need all types of aid and recovery programs.”

The employees provide needs such as food and water, trauma care and skills training.

While the organization has touched hundreds of lives at the camps, Darr said he has also learned a lot from the Yazidi religious minority about the importance of creating strong relationships.

“Maybe their culture has bled a little bit into mine," Darr said. "So, when I meet people I try a little harder to get to know them."

Partners relief and development is a non-profit organization that aids communities in need world wide including Southeast Asia.

If you would like to contribute or volunteer, visit their website here.