Ford recalls almost 1.5 million trucks due to downshift issues

MIDLAND -- Ford is recalling almost 1.5 million pickup trucks due to safety issues, after receiving reports of some trucks’ transmissions downshifting without warning.

Ford issued a recall on 1.48 million F-150 trucks- 1.26 million in the United States, and 221,000 in Canada. A local Ford expert estimates around 2,500 are in the Midland market.

In a press release, Ford states there have been five crashes related to the 6-speed automatic transmission shaft issue, that it knows about.

CBS7 spoke to a local Ford dealership, Rogers Ford Lincoln Inc. about the recall.

“So there’s been a recent recall with Ford from 2011 to 2013 F-150,” Doug Herrera said.

The more than 1.2 million Ford trucks recalled in the United States may have intermittent output shaft speed sensor failure, causing the truck to unintentionally downshift into first gear. When this occurs, the back tires could slide or lock up until the truck slows down, causing the driver to lose control of the truck.

“I know Ford is actually going to be sending a letter in the mail as well to each specific customers,” the expert said.

Truck owners affected by the recall will be issued recall notices starting March 4, 2019, according to Ford.

The Ford trucks were built in Dearborn from April 28, 2010, through October 28, 2013.
More Ford trucks were assembled in Kansas City from May 18, 2010, through November 18, 2013.

Community members who own a truck with the safety issue can take the truck to a dealership where the Powertrain Control Module Software will be updated, according to Ford.

The expert at Rogers Ford Lincoln explained the recall process.

“It’s going to be a process where you bring your F-150 in, of course. One of our F-150 technicians will plug the vehicle in and get some business done that he’s going to get done as far as re-programming,” he said.

According to Ford, the recall number is 19S07.