Food is Medicine Seminar encourages Permian Basin to ditch processed foods

ODESSA, Tx - (KOSA) Experts on healthy eating were in the Permian Basin Saturday, encouraging locals to give up processed foods. The non-profit organization Healthy City hosted its annual “Food is Medicine” seminar at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center.

The goal of the event is to raise awareness about a whole food and plant-based diet, and increase education on how to improve overall health.

Guest speakers discussed topics like the role of diet in preventing and reversing illness, and the benefits of plant-based nutrition for optimal sports performance and health.

“We’ve been misinformed as a society for a long time about what true nutrition is,” Healthy City board member Hilary Cosby said. “So we’re really trying to educate people back to the roots, back to the basics. This is what we’re supposed to be eating, and this is why.”

Between presenters, healthy lunch was provided to the hundreds of people in attendance.

The Wagner Noel was operating on a generator all day long, after Friday night's storms knocked out the power.

Speakers were without spotlights and their power point presentations. Fortunately, guests were able to view the slide shows on their phones, and still enjoy the event.