Flower shops go to the extreme preparing for Valentine's Day

ODESSA -- On an average day, Mark Knox Flowers in Odessa makes 30 or 40 deliveries. However, on the day before Valentine’s Day, that number grows to 200, and on the actual holiday itself, they deliver more than 400 flower arrangements.

“The phones don’t stop,” employee Berenice Venegas said. “It’s never ending with the phones. And the people walking in, it does not stop all day.”

“Very crazy,” general manager Tom Williams added. “We always add additional help. We have people come in to help do the processing of the flowers and answer the phones. We have contract drivers that help us deliver the roses. We couldn’t do it without the extra help.”

Erika Reed has been part of that extra help for 16 years, and is used to the busy days.

“I really enjoy it,” Reed said. “It’s probably close to noon right now, and we got here about 8:30 [a.m.]. I haven’t sat down. I haven’t even finished my coffee yet. It’s been pretty crazy today already.”

Roses are the most popular flower this time of year, and Mark Knox flowers ordered 10,000 of them for Valentine’s Day alone.

The staff expects to work until midnight Wednesday, or possibly later, filling out orders and making arrangements for all the Valentine’s deliveries.

“You just do it because you know that’s what this time of year calls for,” Williams said. “You can hope that it goes smoothly. But you know you’re going to have the long hours.”

And is all that work worth it?

“Oh yeah because you know you’re making all these people happy,” Williams said. “That’s what flowers do, they help you relay expressions. This time of year it’s usually an ‘I love you.’ Almost always flowers are a happy expression.”