First Hemp House in Texas

Published: May. 11, 2016 at 7:01 PM CDT
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A unique house is being built in Marfa but it's not constructed with bricks and mortar, instead it's made of hemp. The byproduct of the same species of plant as marijuana.

Yoseff Ben-Yehuda fell in love with the southwest feel in Marfa after he arrived in Marfa from New York. So he bought property and started building a house of his own but what makes his future home unique is its being built with 100 percent hemp. It comes from Marijuana but it has less than 1 percent THC.

"I just knew I wanted to build something from the ground up so that's another impulse that started the project," Ben-Yehuda said.

For a year Ben-Yehuda sketched the house he is building today and envisioned adobe and stick frame construction but found something more affordable and out of the ordinary in Texas, hemp.

"At some point I just kind of committed to it and thought I'd try it out and kept going from there and it hasn't disappointed me in any way," Ben-Yehuda said.

The New York native found two organizations who work worldwide building hemp houses and educating people through the process.

Today one of those companies, Heaven Grown, is hosting a workshop after the founder realized this was the first hemp house in Texas.

"It's been incredible so a lot of people coming out and learning about the material. A lot people from town have come out to spend a day with us," Ben-Yehuda said.

Experts say hemp has much more to offer, besides being a new concept to Texas and the negative connotation behind the organic material.

"It allows us to regulate humidity so this means if we have 50 degrees of temperature Celsius outside indoors we'll have 20 degrees," Stephen Clarke, founder of Heaven Grown said.

Clarke said hemp is economical and can help your wallet by cutting down on air conditioning and heating costs.

Hemp absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere making Ben-Yehuda’s home and any other hemp house a healthier environment and CO2 free.

As for weather conditions, the hemp is combined with lime and packed like clay, which prevents it from falling apart.

The hemp here was not grown is Texas it was shipped from Michigan and Mexico City by two companies working world wide providing building materials and clothing to different countries.