Finding Zuzu: Robert Fabian's family speaks out for the first time

Published: Nov. 14, 2016 at 8:31 PM CST
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After a month of searching for missing Sul Ross State University student Zuzu Verk, her boyfriend’s family is finally speaking out.

On Monday, a grand jury met at the Brewster County Courthouse to hear testimony from witnesses and persons of interest including Robert Fabian’s mother, sister and brother-in-law.

Our conversation with the family was brief, but Robert’s sister and brother-in-law said he is innocent, and they are hopeful and praying that Zuzu is found safe and sound.

It’s been a long and painful 33 days for Lori and Glenn Verk.

On October 12th their youngest daughter Zuzu went missing.

“I just need her back, I need her back she’s a big part of our family and she’s got a lot of things to still conquer,” said Zuzu’s mother Lori.

The last person to see Zuzu was her on and off again boyfriend, Robert, who remains the sole suspect in her disappearance.

During Monday’s grand jury session we asked Robert’s sister, Jocelin Carrillo, if she, her husband and mother were involved in any way with Zuzu’s disappearance to which she said, “No ma'am, no involvement what so ever."

Both Jocelin and her mother, Letecia Fabian, are considered persons of interest in the case. As for her husband, James Carrillo, he was questioned because Robert was seen driving his truck the night Zuzu went missing.

Although they didn’t have much to say about the investigation itself, they did mention they have plans of helping with the search for Zuzu once Robert’s name is cleared.

"We're just praying like everybody else is, praying for the truth to be revealed," a teary eyed Jocelin said.

The question on whether or not an indictment will follow the grand jury session remains a mystery.

We asked Alpine Police Chief Russell Scown to comment on the investigation, but he declined saying it could jeopardize the case.

However, he pledged to continue to search for Zuzu until they bring her home.

"Us as a family, we are coping with everything and we're 100% behind Robert,” said James. “You know, we're family and we're going to stick together through this."

As for Robert, we are not sure if he will be called into see the grand jury on a later date.

We’ve reached out to the Texas Attorney General’s Office for an answer and are still waiting to hear back from them.

A grand jury is usually made up of 12 or more citizens who would usually be called for jury duty.

Although it’s an important role in the criminal process, it’s purpose is not to find a suspect guilty, but rather help a prosecutor decide whether or not to bring criminal charges, or an indictment against a potential defendant.