Finding Zuzu: Police hone in on boyfriend and his family

Published: Oct. 27, 2016 at 2:27 AM CDT
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On Wednesday Alpine Police identified Zuzu Verk’s boyfriend, Robert Fabian, as a suspect in her disappearance and believe his family members are withholding information.

CBS 7 News has been tracking down every new detail since Zuzu first went missing back on October 12.

It’s been 15 days since 22-year-old Zuzu went missing and law enforcement agencies aren’t giving up hope in finding her.

Early Wednesday morning crews used a drone and helicopter to search through a field located across the street from Robert’s sister’s house.

While he is the primary suspect, both his mother and sister are considered persons of interest.

“We’re trying to get ariel views of all these different places that might be involved in some way, and of course that’s where we believe Robert is residing right now, so we wanted to get that footage,” said Alpine Police Chief Russell Scown.

Scown brought Robert’s sister, Jocelin Carrillo, as well as his mother, Leticia Fabian, in for questioning Tuesday hoping they would lead them one step closer to Zuzu.

“His family of course are talking to us, but we still think they have information that they’re not giving us,” Scown said.

But fortunately for Scown, the state’s Attorney General’s Office is ready to take action by pushing the family to give sworn testimonies.

“The family knows more information and we need them to tell us,” Scown said. “If they won’t tell us, then we will bring them before a grand jury and hopefully we can get the information from them that way.”

We tried to reach out to Robert, his mother, and sister for comment on the investigation, but none of them answered their doors.

However, we did speak with Robert’s attorney, Liz Rogers, over the phone and she says she can’t try this case in the newspapers and wouldn’t comment any further.

“One thing she (Rogers) keeps saying is that they’ve been cooperative, but I just don’t see that cooperation,” said Scown. “It’s very frustrating, and she’s part of this community as well, and again we should all be coming together to find Zuzu, that’s the main goal right now is to find Zuzu.”