Finding Zuzu: Robert Fabian called before the grand jury

Published: Dec. 19, 2016 at 8:59 AM CST
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It’s been over two months and still no sign of missing Alpine student Zuzu Verk.

On Monday a grand jury reconvened and this time Zuzu’s boyfriend, Robert Fabian, was called for questioning along with his friend Chris Estrada.

As you may recall, Robert is still the sole suspect in the case and Chris is a person of interest.

By 2p.m. the grand jury had finished questioning Robert, Chris and a third witness.

In fact, Robert was inside the courtroom for no longer than 10 minutes before he and his attorney left, leaving Zuzu’s parents and the rest of us with so many unanswered questions.

With his head held up high, and his eyes focused on the back door, Robert chose to remain silent when we asked for his side of the story.

To say tensions were high in the hallway, outside of where the grand jury was meeting, would be an understatement.

Zuzu’s parents, Glenn and Lori Verk, saw Robert in person for the first time since their daughter went missing back on October 12th.

“He didn’t seem comfortable, and upbeat, and relaxed, he seemed the opposite of all those things,” Glenn said.

“He would never even look in our direction, not once, not once,” Lori said. “No matter how much I tried to get him to just make eye contact, that’s all, I just wanted eye contact with him and he was avoiding it.”

Robert and his attorney may have chosen not to speak with us, but Chris was more than willing to clear his name.

“They believe I helped, I guess, a cover up,” Chris said.

CBS 7: And did you?

“No, just hung out and had some drinks,” explained Chris. “To me it was a normal day, I guess now it never will be.”

Chris was the first person Robert reached out to the morning Zuzu went missing.

He claims that both he and Robert are innocent and have nothing to do with her dissapperrance.

CBS 7: Do you think they’re trying to get you indicted?

“I do think so,” said Chris.

CBS 7: And how do you feel about that?

“I think it’s them doing their job and I’ll stand my ground and we’ll face it together,” Chris replied.

With Zuzu nowhere to be found, her parents remain hopeful that one day soon they’ll be able to wrap their arms around their youngest child again.

“It’s not over,” said Glenn.

“No, keep up the support, keep up the prayers, compel the Fabian family to help in any way they can,” said Lori.

All of the jurors were paid out Monday, meaning there will not be another session later this week.

But, it’s unknown if the grand jury will reconvene sometime in the future.

At this time the Alpine Police Department cannot comment on this portion of the case.

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