Feds make largest Fentanyl bust in US history

NOGALES PORT OF ENTRY, AZ (CBS7) -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection says it seized near $4.6 million in methamphetamine and suspected fentanyl totaling close to 650 pounds from a Mexican national today.

The seizure is the largest of suspected fentanyl in CBP history.

The methamphetamine seizure represents the third largest at an Arizona port.

However, this seizure represents only one of the many fentanyl seizures at the Southern border from just July. Over the last year Border Patrol has seized 110 percent more fentanyl than the year prior.

“Customs and Border Protection does a tremendous job in seizing drugs that are pouring across the Southern border – now it is Congress’ turn to provide the resources our frontline agents and officers need to keep communities safe and drug free. We need security at the Ports of Entry and between the Ports of Entry,” said Katie Waldman, DHS Spokeswoman.