Family speaks out after repeat drunk driver is charged with hitting a motorcyclist after drinking

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) - We have new details tonight about a crash we first told you about in May.

Odessa Police arrested Benjamin Ramos for driving under the influence after investigators say he hit a motorcyclist.

We spoke to that motorcyclist’s family who wants to know how Ramos ended up behind the wheel after she found out he has a history of reckless driving.

Jail records show this is the fourth time Ramos has been charged for drinking while intoxicated.

He has prior cases from incidents in El Paso in 2012, 2016 and 2018 before police charged him again a few months ago.

Mckay Valdez has been lying in a hospital room for months.
He’s unable to do almost anything on his own with two broken arms and a shattered pelvis.

“He’s getting better but it’s a long road to recovery,” his wife Ashley Valdez said. “He’s had six surgeries and he has at least one or two more potentially coming.”

That wreck didn’t just take his independence.

His hospitalization prevented him from seeing the birth of youngest daughter 11 days after he was hit.

“That’s something that we can never get back,” she said.

The question his family wonders is how Ramos was allowed to get behind the wheel yet again after he’d already been arrested so many times.

Odessa Police report a witness saw Ramos leave wing stop highly intoxicated before he drove onto Tanglewood Lane and crashed into Valdez.

Investigators said Ramos was driving with a suspended license at the time of the crash and wasn’t even driving his own car.

Police said he had stolen it from a friend, but court records show the charge was later dropped.

He was also charged for having weed on him and police report he gave officers a fake name during questioning.

We talked to an Ector County judge who said the best law enforcement can do for repeat offenders is put more pressure on each offense, like increasing the bond price.

“They’re not preset bonds, but you have to look at the circumstances,” Judge Terry Lange said. “They may be incremental from a couple thousand on the first one and it could go up to five or ten thousand depending on the seriousness.”

He also said if someone commits misdemeanors multiple times, they can eventually be charged as felonies.

“If you get any felonies you can get state jail penitentiary,” Terry said.
The Valdez family hopes after all this time and new charges pending Ramos can change his ways.

“And I would just pray that he and anybody think twice before they get behind the wheel after drinking cause it may not be you that you hurt, it may be somebody else.”

The Valdez family has also set up a GoFundMe account.